Actionable Solutions to all your Challenges

Merlin provides consulting and contracting services to the international mineral and geotechnical drilling market.  Based on decades of experience throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Merlin understands the particular challenges associated with working in remote projects and harsh terrains. 

Any good project starts with a solid foundation, and our team will provide the necessary expertise right from the planning stages to execution of your project. From project management to field operations, we’ll ensure your project is both cost effective and operational, with special considerations to the adverse terrain found within our industry.

We cater to your needs with skills and passion

Merlin is a UK based company with a long reach.  Previous operations have been completed in terrains and climates as varied as the Caucasus mountains, the Congolese jungle and the heat of the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia.  No matter how challenging your project our team has the experience to make it happen.

Key services include:

  • Consultancy services for Clients and Contractors on drilling operations worldwide.
  • Operation, management and staffing of Client owned drilling equipment.
  • Planning, specifying and budgeting of drilling operations.
  • Logistical and operational support.

Merlin Drilling Consultancy commits to maintaining the highest environmental standards. Taking positive action to protect the safety of our workers, conserve natural resources, and minimize the impact of our activities on the environment through diligent application of appropriate technology and responsible conduct within all aspects of our operations.


We have developed a really good working relationship on this project. Their guys have been tremendous - working from dawn to dusk on one of the wettest outcrops in the British Isles, during the wettest winter in living memory. I take my hat off to them, they have really worked hard to keep the project moving ahead.

— Mark Thompson - CEO of Treliver Minerals, UK

Those guys completed an impossible job in the harsh and remote Danakil Depression conquering the heat, the remoteness of the location and huge logistical challenges, providing excellent work for 7 years.

— Allana Potash, Ethiopia